Checklist for the trip: Things to do the day before travelling

Checklist for the trip


In a world where the current generation is yearning for work-life balance and pushing for 4-day work weeks, travel is viewed as the ultimate form of freedom and luxury. It can be easy to get lost in the monotony of work and family life, so a spiritual getaway and reset is not only essential for mental health reasons but also for our longevity and physical health.

A hidden gem to the outside world, but an important pilgrimage destination in India, ‘Rameswaram’ is one such place that represents and symbolises a spiritual getaway or a much-needed mental and spiritual reset. Located on Pamban island it is surrounded by water on all sides and is the perfect place to escape the monotony of life. Preparing for such an important journey is a task not to be taken lightly. From the spiritual and tourist attractions, the fun activities and the many luxury resorts in rameswaram to choose from (JKR Resort & Spa is one that stands out), there is a possibility of feeling overwhelmed if you do not prepare. This article will serve as a guide to how you can best prepare at the last minute or at least a day before travelling to Rameswaram.

Checklist for the trip
The eight main branches of Ayurveda are listed below :
  • Transportation
  • The nearest airport is in the city of Madurai. So, it is much more wise and efficient to travel by train to the city of Rameswaram because it is directly connected to many major cities in India and is much cheaper as well. So make sure to make bookings well in advance.

  • Understand Temple Etiquette
  • Rameswaram is solely a pilgrimage destination. It would be socially irresponsible to not do at least a minimal amount of research on details revolving around temple etiquette. Such as researching the temple timings, the dress code to be followed inside the temple, the Pooja timings, and the festival dates important in Rameswaram etc.

  • Accommodation
  • Having a comfortable place to stay that captures the feeling of luxury and simplicity is important in a place like Rameswaram. Also, making sure you are surrounded by healthy options in terms of food, is a luxury in itself. From our first-hand experience, out of all of the 5 star hotels in rameswaram and the few beach resorts in rameswaram, our stay at JKR Resort & Spa was the best hands-down experience that encapsulates all of the above qualities, luxuries and necessities that everyone needs while travelling to Rameswaram.

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