The Growing Trend Of Workation

Growing Trend of Workation


The pandemic has completely shifted the ethos of how we live our lives and function day-to-day. Some of our most priceless commodities such as ‘health’ and ‘time’ are no longer taken for granted. Applications like ‘Zoom’ and ‘Google Meets’ have become household terms as well. Reporting in person at the office be it for daily work or meetings is no longer necessary and even deemed a potential health hazard. In short, the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have coincidentally created the culture of ‘work from home’ or ‘remote work’. Working from the luxury of your home might have been a distant fantasy before 2020 for many, but now it is a mainstream trend for many companies all over the world.

Organizations around the world, from tech companies to restaurant chains, have shifted their entire marketing strategies to accommodate as many roles as possible which facilitates ‘remote’ work as an option. So why did working remotely remain an option even after the pandemic died down? The reason can be narrowed down to the ‘allure’ of working from any location in the country or even around the world.

Growing Trend of Workation
Why work in an office when you can work in a place like Rishikesh overlooking the scenic beauty of the mountains and the rivers? Or a houseboat in Alleppey in the backwaters of Kerala? This phenomenon of combining a vacation getaway with work is called a ‘Workation’. One such destination which marries scenic beauty with deep cultural significance for an ideal workation is a place called Rameswaram, in South India.

Rameswaram is a beautiful destination located on ‘Pamban island’ off of the coastline of Tamil Nadu. Surrounded by water on all sides and the most beautiful spiritual temples in every direction, Rameswaram is the perfect getaway for people who work remotely and also yearn for the best workation. In terms of the best places where you can stay, relax and work at the same time, there are many 5-star hotels in rameswaram and resorts in rameswaram to choose from. Being a hotspot for tourism, you will be spoilt for choices.

If you are looking for the perfect union of a relaxing spiritual getaway and the ideal workation spot, JKR Resort & Spa in Rameswaram is sure to check all your boxes. In comparison with all the other beach resorts in Rameswaram, JKR Resort & Spa provides the perfect array of options for luxury and amenities required for professionals seeking a spiritual getaway and a relaxing workation as well.

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