Tips to Pack Light for a Vacation


The first thing that comes to mind when you say the word vacation is the beautiful scenery in exotic locations and you have wind in your hair. Imagining scenarios and actually preparing for them is different. Before you even think about the beautiful destination, have you ever thought about the baggage problem that comes with it?

We are guessing the answer is probably no. Traveling through different countries or even India might be overwhelming but the baggage shouldn’t be. There are many resorts that have almost everything you require.

If you are traveling down to the end of South near Rameshwaram, there are many Rameshwaram Hotels that provide basic necessities so that your baggage is the last thing on your mind while traveling.

Beach resorts in Rameshwaram are blissful, like JKR Resort that offers top amenities and redefines hospitality by providing luxury in the most appealing way.
Let us now see the tips to lighten up your baggage so that you can travel hassle-free and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

1) Make a list- Now, this might seem like a boring task but this is going to save you more time and money. If you are traveling abroad, haphazardly stuffing your clothes in the bag will do you no good. Making an accurate list of what you need, the absolute essentials that you are going to wear on your vacation. Don’t go overboard by stuffing things and clothes that you are not gonna wear. This will save time and extra baggage money as well.

2) Carry minimal clothes- This might be a no-brainer but if you pack a few clothes and add in layers like shades or hats, it will reduce the luggage space. Also, this will elevate your look and make you confident enough to get those “candid photos”. Keep your clothes as little as possible.

3) Pack your favorite shoes that are lightweight- This is one of the most overlooked factors of vacation. People carry heavy shoes and increase their luggage size. Until you are planning on a trek through the mountains, ensure you keep your shoes light and easy on your bag. Make the baggage as small as possible!

4) Pick the right bag- This is a very obvious but overlooked thing. Bag sizes matter and it's better to have a carry-on bag while you are traveling far. It’s always good to cut down the excess things and carry a bag that is light.

Apart from these tips, choosing 5 star resorts in rameshwaram, especially JKR Resort and Spa helps you to a great extent as you don’t have to worry about the baggage and uncertainties that come with vacation.

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