South Indian Breakfast - An Unmatchable Taste and Satisfaction


When you think about delicious and easy-on- stomach food, what’s the mental image you get?

We are sure you thought about Idli and Sambhar. A breakfast that is loved by everyone, South Indian Breakfast is quite popular around the world.

If there exists a perfect breakfast, it would be South Indian Breakfast. It is a perfect amalgamation of spices, delicious and damn HEALTHY!
Rich in nutrition and taste, South Indian breakfast is all you need to get a jump start on your day. Loaded with complex carbs and nutrients, it is a complete breakfast that will provide you with the energy to face the entire day. Extremely light and with unmatchable taste, it will ensure you are satiated and energized.

Unlike popular beliefs around South India Breakfast that it consists only of idli and sambhar, there are more than 100 breakfast items that are part of it. Be it the delicious pongal or Utappam, there are a variety of breakfast that can be tried.

If you wander further Southern part of India, one of the best places to try South Indian Breakfast is down south in Rameswaram. There are many hotels in Rameswaram, like JKR Resort and Spa that serve the best delectable breakfast. With Rameswaram being the pilgrimage city, a crowd of people stop by and eat at the hotels in Rameswaram near the temple.

Rameswaram is considered to be one of the holiest places in India. This pious place is highly revered and known for its sacred temples that are exquisite and less crowded. Tourism is always blooming in Rameshwaram and it has exhilarating views one can expect. From immaculate beaches to sight seeing spots, Rameshwaram should be your next holiday destination.

The cuisine in Rameswaram also offers some healthy breakfast options to heavy north indian food that will fill up your tummy. Having idli and vada is a great start to your day but the ideal breakfast should also include high protein content. Devotees and travelers who are traveling can try hotels in Rameswaram near the temples.

Breakfast in general has an unmatchable taste as it is versatile and is easy to make. A lot of top notch restaurants weave a delightful sambhar and fluffy idli or crispy dosa that is satisfying and healthy to a great extent. South Indian Breakfast has always been admired and loved for its simplicity and uniqueness and what better way to have it than in the southern part of India especially in Rameswaram?

Breakfast is for the champions and we wholeheartedly agree. Visit JKR Resort and Spa, one of the luxury hotels in Rameswaram, and indulge in breakfast, lunch and dinner and embrace their hospitality when you plan your next visit to Rameswaram.

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