Amenities you should look for in Modern Hotels


Imagine walking into a hotel room and all you see is washed up beds, cracks on the floor and broken tv. Not a pleasant sight, isn’t it?

Amenities are what elevates an entire hotel. They are part of the entire service and the experience that comes with it.

But what are the amenities?

Amenities are features or facilities that are provided for the convenience and comfort of guests or residents. Amenities can include both tangible items (such as a mini-bar or coffee maker) and intangible services (such as housekeeping or concierge services).

You can drop by extreme south, near Rameshwaram and you might stumble upon JKR Resort and Spa, one of the leading luxury resorts in Rameshwaram which provide impeccable services and amenities that will keep you hooked.

Getting back to modern hotel room, these are several amenities that are considered essential in a modern hotel room:

Comfortable bed: A comfortable bed with high-quality linens is a must-have for any modern hotel room. JKR Resort and Spa, one of the top luxury hotels in Rameshwaram, has Standard King sized beds, twin beds and much more giving you the homely ambience!

Wi-Fi: Guests expect to have access to fast, reliable Wi-Fi in their hotel room.

Television: A flat-screen TV with a range of channels is a common feature in modern hotel rooms.

Air conditioning: An air conditioning unit is essential for keeping guests comfortable in hot weather.

En suite bathroom: A private bathroom with a shower and toilet is expected in most modern hotel rooms.

Mini-bar: A mini-bar stocked with drinks and snacks can be a convenient and luxurious amenity for guests.

In-room safe: A safe for storing valuables is an important amenity for many travelers.

Coffee and tea facilities: A coffee maker and a selection of teas can help guests start their day off right.

Iron and ironing board: An iron and ironing board can be useful for guests who need to freshen up their clothes.

Soundproofing: Soundproofing is important for ensuring that guests have a peaceful and uninterrupted stay.

These are the few amenities that you should look out for when you are staying in a modern hotel room and never compromise your comfort. If you ever visit Rameshwaram, do give JKR Resort and Spa, which has one of the best hotels in Rameshwaram a try!

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