How To Plan Your Travel Budget

Plan Your Travel Budget


‘Ramayana’ being penned more than 2000 years ago, holds deep significance in the hearts of millions of people around the world to this day. Be it for patriotic or spiritual reasons the above story resonates and will continue to do so for many years to come in the hearts of Indians and Hindus in general. The story of Ramayana comes to an important crossroads at a quiet town in South India where Lord Rama was faced with the challenge of making his way to Sri Lanka and wanting to atone for the sins of the upcoming war with Ravana as well. This distinctive yet quiet and tranquil town is called ‘Rameswaram’.

Being at the closest ‘tip’ point between India and Srilanka, Rameswaram is blessed with the aesthetics of being on the Pamban island surrounded by water on all sides. Devotees from all over the world flock here regularly as it is strongly believed that one cannot do a pilgrimage to Ayodhya and miss visiting Rameswaram.

Planning for a trip to Rameswaram according to a budget may seem daunting initially with so many travel packages floating around and the many resorts in rameswaram that go along with it, but this simple article might serve as an easy guide for you to navigate the above. Since the nearest airport is in Madurai, the most ideal and efficient way to travel to Rameswaram is by train. The price of this may vary from INR 5K-10K for a round trip depending on which class you purchase a ticket in.

Plan Your Travel Budget
Choosing from the numerous 5 star hotels in rameswaram and 5 star resorts in rameswaram is a hassle so this guide has narrowed down the decision-making process based on our own first hand experience. JKR resort & spa is the best beach resorts in rameswaram. Because JKR Resort & Spa is the only beach resort in Rameswaram that places importance on ‘Soul Rejuvenation’ to enhance your spiritual experience there. It is also ideally located with easy access to a multitude of attractions such as beaches and local attractions like wildlife & watersports. The prices range from INR 5K-10K per night depending on the level of luxury you choose. To say this is a bargain is a huge understatement because there are many beach resorts in rameswaram which do not offer half of the aesthetics, luxuries, amenities, views and customer service that JKR resort & spa offers for people.

The best time to visit Rameswaram is between October- April as the temperature and weather will be quite pleasant for sightseeing unlike in the summer. Overall, to visit a place centered around spirituality is a blessing and in many ways very essential for you and your loved ones, at least once in your lifetime. Stand at the tip of Dhanushkodi and be filled with euphoria as you embrace the view ahead of you, and give yourself the luxury and comfort of staying in the best beach resorts in rameswaram, JKR Resort & Spa.

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